IMG_6032(1) Yuri Kruman is an American author, healthcare product manager, entrepreneur and blogger based in New York. Yuri has published two books of fiction, including a novel, “Returns and Exchanges” (2013, Author House) and novella, “The Egypt In My Looking Glass” (2014, Author House). His writing has been featured in Haaretz English Edition and the Algemeiner. He has made appearances at the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, JCC of Manhattan Salon Series, Russian American Cultural Center and Roger Smith Hotel Creative Program. He is a recipient of the UJA Shapiro Family and COJECO Blueprint Fellowships and is also a member of the Asylum Arts International Jewish Artist community and the Jewish Book Council.

Yuri Kruman’s books on Goodreads

Returns and Exchanges
Returns and Exchanges
<The Egypt In My Looking Glass
The Egypt In My Looking Glass

Amazon Ratings: 29 5-Star Ratings (out of 29)

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