The Blueprint To Thrive

      “I wish that I knew all I know now, when I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was stronger.” – from Ooh La La, The Faces (Rod Stewart’s first band)

      Friends, life is tough. Most of us get through days and weeks surviving, not much more. Entire years go by before we see what’s in the mirror and are often horrified. It shouldn’t take a midlife crisis or a shock to get your life together and to thrive.

      Based on a bruising, hard-earned decade plus of life in New York City, while being broke and then some, first a student, then a young professional in search of meaning and of means, I’ve lived through novels full of crazy stories (two, to be precise), plenty of shocks and heartbreak and mistakes galore – and all the same, still lived to tell about it.

      Despite a crippling load of student loans and no rich uncles to rely on, I have always worked hard to improve myself both as a person and an employee, career-wise and in terms of health and finances, in both the spiritual and the physical. To this end, for a decade, I have learned voraciously from people that I’ve met and books and blogs and every other source of wisdom I could find – both “secrets” of successful people, all their “tricks” and “special tools” and things to NEVER do.

      While many of these are self-evident (hard work that’s also smart, emotional intelligence, self-discipline, consistency and learning from the best), there are so many little things that make a giant difference over time. Whether it’s building confidence to interview, or the way you cut fees on investments, these are the difference makers that can change the way you see feel and see yourself.

      The Blueprint’s mission is to bring you knowledge to improve your life. Here, we reveal the many crucial, tested strategies and tips and tricks to everyone that’s thirsting for a better, richer life with health, with meaning and with substance.

      Read on, my friend. Then get up out of that chair and go forth, change your life for better! Remember to start small and to go slowly. Rome was not built in a day.

      May you be successful in your mission!

      I’m rooting for you.


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