ASK Gemach:

Purpose: Special situation investing in the Jewish community that:

1) satisfies an urgent need

2) has no alternative source of funds and

3) has an immediate impact

A Sample of Our Projects To Date:

1) collected funds to help a couple in Israel with wedding and living expenses. They got married and have a baby boy.

2) collected funds to help a bride plan and organize a wedding

3) collected funds to allow a boy to attend a yeshiva for a year

Zshuk Art Initiative (

Zshuk, Jewish Children’s Art Initiative is an educational program based on a progressive philosophy of education and positive artistic practices.  The Initiative is made up of artists, educators, and parents, who transform the community through their cultural presence, role as mentors, and Jewish wisdom. Our goal of transformation will be accomplished through artist practices, youth art and education programs, art shows, guest artist lectures, workshops, and trips.

“Zshuk” Children’s Art Publication publishes work by children and their writing to wide audiences and serves as an open forum for experimental innovations in education and art.


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